strip pubs @ nude girl next door

strip pubs @ nude girl next door

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Strip Pubs in London

Long before the North American concepts of Lap Dancing and Pole Dancing reached it, the UK had Strip Pubs. This is where, with beer at nearly normal pub price, one of several girls strips and dances nude, several times each hour. It works because before each dance, the girl circulates amongst the male onlookers, and requests a donation in the beer glass she carries. This would typically be one Pound (one Dollar fifty).

You can find out all about Browns, Metropolis, The Ye Olde Axe and The Queen Anne (and where to find them) by joining We'll be adding more strip pubs to the site as time goes by.

Holding Pussy Open

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Nude in the swimming pool -

Story Continued

Go back to find out how I got Leila to strip naked from her bikini

With this, Frida joined her they both dissolved into giggles, in the way drunk girls do best.

I was happily staring at Leila's tits, feeling the further stirrings within my swimming shorts, knowing I was about to get a hard-on in a public swimming pool. But I didn't care, like any normal man, I had to see how far I could take this.

"I think they're fantastic! Perhaps the best I've ever seen," I replied. "But I haven't seen your friends yet. Perhaps hers are even better?"

Now at this stage, things didn't go as well as I'd hoped (but only for a few seconds, don't worry, just read on). Frida was obviously not quite as drunk as Leila, and as I'd later find out not as exhibitionist. It was to take more work to get her to strip naked for nude modeling.

"Well you're not going to fucking find out you dirty fucking bastard," was Frida's retort. Amazing how lady-like these girls can be when they've been to a night- club.

"You mean bitch," Leila giggled back in my defence, not serious, unlike how her friend seemed. "Hundreds of men have seen your tits. Quite a few girls, in fact. Including me! Go on, get 'em out, show him!"

They obviously both found this extremely funny as they again dissolved into fits of giggling. Once she got her breath back, Leila pitched back in so as to aid the progression of my growing erection.

"If you won't show him yours, I'll show him my bits he hasn't seen. He's quite cute." With this, Leila held down the front of her bikini bottom for a few seconds, giving me a flash of her neatly shaven pussy (luckily the water was only up to upper thigh level in the shallow end).

By now my erection was about as erect as an erection can get. It had worked it way up and now sprang out of the top of my brief swimming shorts. "That was nice, but really you're not being very nice to me! What the fuck can I do with this now?" I must admit, I was a tiny bit embarrassed.

"I like what you've got there," replied Leila, staring openly at the knob end of my cock, sticking out of my shorts. "I haven't seen one that big since last night!" I was quickly realising just what an active sex life these two must have. "Come back to my changing cubicle. I'll give you something to help the swelling go down. And I don't mean an ice pack!"

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