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The south east of England has a few official nudist beaches, and a few unofficial ones. These are a good place to see (often not enough) pussy for free. You tend to find that in all but the hottest weather, all the people on the beach are men, probably hoping to see a little fanny just like you are. Often, at best you get the one solitary lady.

Whilst some (perhaps many) of the women who frequent these places are complete exhibitionists, many simply enjoy the freedom of being without clothes, and will resent you openly staring at their naked bodies. A little discretion please. Having said that, if she's lying down in the open with her legs open wide, and pointing her love tunnel in your direction, she may well want you to have a good look.

One problem possibly preventing you leching too much is the desire of your cock to take the form of a vaulting pole. Nudist (naturist) magazines often try to answer the question of "what if I get a hard-on?" with the answer that your embarrassment will stop this from happening. Unfortunately for me, and perhaps many like me, as an exhibitionist myself, I get a big kick from being nude. I struggle for at least the first twenty minutes to at least keep my cock only a quarter erect. Then I hope that anyone who notices will think I'm not tending towards an erection, but have a very well proportioned weapon. If you do have trouble with control, fight it- perhaps cover it with a newspaper, or lie face down (though then you tend to loose all control, ending up with an enormous stiffy, and no hope of ever moving again). 

Please do not walk about with a big stiffy, as some may take offence. There is of course the cowards way out of keeping your trunks on, but this is not really playing the game. You're missing the fantastic feeling of being totally naked in public, and if too many people do this (keeping trunks on, that is), you could end up with a beach full of clothed people desperately hoping that someone is going to strip. Being nude in public (for those who have not tried it) is not just sexually stimulating, but gives you a feeling of freedom and relaxation that almost nothing else can match. Unfortunately, perhaps this applies only to us exhibitionists. My wife, says that she would be too shy to be relaxed.

Sometimes in the evenings you get fantastic sex shows, after any families have gone home. I remember one occasion at Leysdown when three couples were fucking each other, while a ring of men (called doggers) watched and wanked. Of course, when this happens, the lack of an erection probably would show something is wrong with you. Below is a guide to some of the best in South East England. 

Leysdown, Kent

The picture above was taken here. (I'd love to buy one of the beach houses seen behind). If travelling from the M25, take the A2 exit (J2) towards Dover and Margate. Leave the M2 at junction 5, taking the A249 towards Sheerness and Leysdown, on the Isle of Sheppey. Once you have passed over the bridge onto the island, take a right at the first roundabout. Follow the signs to Leysdown. Pass straight through Leysdown keeping straight on. The road starts very good, but deteriorates once it reaches the front. After a little while it becomes a private dirt track (access is permitted) which will ruin your suspension at any more than 1mph. Immediately after you pass the beach huts, stop with the other parked cars. The nudist beach is here.

This is quite a reasonable beach, with grassy dunes behind for those who are a little shy.


This is of course the most famous nudist beach. It is at the eastern end of town. In other words, if approaching from the town centre, turn left at the front. The beach itself is nearly at the far end, at the end of the mini electric railway (Volks). There is now a wall of stones built up, to stop the posers posing to the people on the train, I suppose.

St. Osyth, Clacton, Essex

This is a privately owned beach, belonging to the caravan site next door. In the summer peak-time, you will be charged a small amount to enter with your car. It is a good beach, with dunes and car parking.

From the M25, take the A12 towards Chelmsford and Colchester. Take the A120 toward Harwich. The A120 joins the A12, then leaves it again further up, so do not take it the first time (which is signposted toward Braintree). From the A120 take the A133 to Clacton. When you reach Clacton, follow sign posts to St. Osyth. At the crossroads in St. Osyth, follow the signs to St. Osyth Beach. This will be left or straight on from the cross roads, depending which road into St. Osyth you used. 

Immediately before the front, you will enter into a large caravan park. At the front itself, turn right onto the track at the back of the beach itself. In other words you'll have passed through a gap in the sea wall. About a mile further on you will see the sign saying "clothes are nor required beyond this point." You can park up and strip in the car. 

If you see any large puddles across the road, be cautious. Even if they are not too deep when you arrive, they can get deeper by the time you leave, and I have seen cars stuck in the middle before.


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