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Nude in the swimming pool -

Story Continued

Go back to find out how I got Leila to strip naked from her bikini

There were just two other people there. Very horny girls (who I was later to find out were called Leila and Frida). The swimming guards weren't doing their job properly, as none were patrolling. Perhaps they were taking the risk as it was still early Sunday and there were just the three of us swimmers using the pool.

I later found out that Leila and Frida had been to a night- club the night before. When they'd left they were pretty drunk, had got on the wrong night bus, then both fallen asleep. When the bus terminated in the suburbs where I lived, they'd been wandering around lost for a while then seen the pool. The afternoon before they'd been shopping in Oxford Street, where they'd bought bikinis. Having bikinis with them, they'd decided going for a swim would be a good way to sober up a bit.

Of course, in local swimming baths, normally the best you can hope for is a slightly overweight mum in a one-piece swimming costume. To see not one but two extremely sexy girls in very revealing designer bikinis was heaven. I just had to swim over close to them (especially as I can't see from a distance too well without my glasses) and spy them out. I always live in the hope (every other time forlorn) that a girl will lose her top, or at least unintentionally flash a nipple. At least I can normally look and imagine.

Being still a little drunk, they were playing together in a very enticing way. Seeing me, they decided to put on a show and rack their playing up a little. After a while splashing around and even French kissing each other on a couple of occasions, they started playing a game chasing each other in the shallow end trying to pull the other girls top off.

It didn't take long before there was a winner. Frida was chasing along behind Leila, who just wasn't quite fast enough (I suspect she wanted to be caught and lose her top). Frida grabbed the rear strap of Leila's top with her right hand, Leila's left hand with her left hand, and spun her half way round. Whilst she did this, she pulled the top up, then over her shoulder so her tits were out.

Then they started grappling playfully while giggling, Frida trying to get Leila's top the rest of the way off, and Leila trying to get Frida's tits out as well.

Frida won. It was quite disappointing they didn't both end up naked, but I was only to be disappointed for a little while. Soon Frida was splashing over to the side of the pool, from where she threw the top as far as she could. Now they both dissolved into giggles, Leila not seeming at all concerned about being topless in a public swimming pool, and making absolutely no effort to go and get her top, or cover her tits.

Of course, I was making my way over to get a closer look. Leila smiled at me and said, "Got a nice pair of tits I have, haven't I?"

"You're the first person to see them for at least, err, six hours," she added with another giggle.

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