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Frida nude girl next door lifting her dress showing her shapely leg standing by a door

Nude Girl Next Door

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Sarah - Go on, give stripping a go! I think you'll enjoy it immensely. I'd be happy for you to practice in front of me (!!!). Or your first time in a pub, I'm happy to go along to give you moral support. I'll even put your first pound in the jar. I can recommend other places to try out at (I can recommend another where there are also usually other girls, and first timers can go along and give it a go on a Friday night).

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Nude in the swimming pool

How I got Leila to strip naked from her bikini

Normally I get the models on my sites to write a little story about a sexy event in their lives. But this time I've written how my lucky encounter with Leila in her bikini (and out of her bikini) at my local swimming pool led to me persuading her to strip naked for a photo shoot. Especially lucky as I'm a married man.

Early one Sunday morning, I got it in my head to get some exercise, to go swimming and get healthy (the idea lasted for the whole of that morning). My wife was asleep in bed that morning, as she's a nurse and had worked the night shift the night before. So I was up early (having collected her from work) and decided to take action while I was keen and get down the pool.

It was minutes after they'd opened that I got there. I changed into my swimming trunks and walked out to the pool. Luckily the pool is very modern, in that the individual changing cubicles are in a mixed area, and enter straight onto the pool area.

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